I Love Cows

I kept testing myself for fever this morning as an excuse to call in, but it just wouldn’t happen. I made it in and started working on the EAST domain controller again, and miraculously, I remembered the password I had set. Evidently I just kept trying a slightly different variation yesterday in my brain fog, and couldn’t get in.

After a while, Zach needed to go to Dwight, so I took him over there while I took care of a couple work orders. That would turn out to be one of many trips I made over there throughout the day. We went to lunch a bit early when we got back to the shop, and then we had interviews in the afternoon, so I left my office.

I went back to Dwight multiple times to complete everything that came up. Once, I stopped by Ridgewood to kill a couple minutes and see the guys prepping their meats. Then I just kind of lingered anywhere I landed for any length of time. My last stop was Transportation, where I waited until the last interview was done.

After work, I went home for a bit and then picked Eaddie up from robotics. She said she was hungry, but then decided she wanted to go straight home. Summer was at Superfast, so I thought I’d drop Eaddie off at home and then get dinner with Summer. By the time I made it back into town, Summer seemed like she just wanted to go home, so I traded vehicles and picked up some more Taco John’s on the way up.

Summer made a frozen meal that they ate, and then Eaddie and I sat on the couch watching music videos while she did homework. Then I bounced between music and comedy for a bit until she went to her room. Autumn was out super late with the basketball team, because evidently she’s a “manager” for them now. I nursed my cough a bit, and made it to bed early.

Just less excited.

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