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Our Friday morning meeting was about Google Classroom, and though we’ll probably never need any of what we learned, it was kind of fun to tinker with everyone. It certainly lightened the mood after the past couple days. Afterward, I just dug right back into the folder permissions for Adobe. Ryan came by a couple times and rattled off a bunch of stuff that was way over my head, and eventually I understood a small percentage of it.

Lunch time came by pretty quickly, and Zach, Gary, Greg, and I went to Brangus. I went with the chicken fried steak this time, for something surprisingly lighter, or at least smaller. Eating half of a beef spud would probably be a better deal though.

The afternoon was more or less kind of quiet. Jacob hung out in my office for a little bit near the end of the day, but not for any reason other than a place to sit. When we left work, I stopped by Superfast to find Summer still working. She said she would leave at noon, but ended up staying until about 6:30. Typical.

We were going to get gas on the way back to her house, but she didn’t get her discount code in time. We went to Zaxby’s for dinner instead, and then went home. It was early to bed in preparation for our Hot Springs trip tomorrow to see Eaddie in her first all-state band concert. It’ll be a fun drive in the Model 3.

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