By the Numbers

Eaddie woke me up this morning so I could drop her off at the bus yard for her trip to Searcy for National History Day. I felt overwhelmingly exhausted when I got home, just from fighting the same argument in my head over and over again.

Summer and I eventually got up for some cereal for breakfast, which was fun for me. I took it really light on the milk, but I’ve been thinking I should really look into a substitute so I don’t end up feeling sick later in the day. We didn’t get up to anything else all day. Summer started on her paint-by-number. Autumn eventually came out of her room and wanted to go to her father’s for the night. We had her start on making up some homework first, and eventually let her go.

I kept trying to doze off until I finally started Ant-Man, and then Ant-Man and the Wasp. We were only a few minutes into the second movie when I had to leave to get Eaddie. I talked to Aimee for a bit in the parking lot, and then we took one of Eaddie’s friends home before going home ourselves. We finished the movie, and eventually everyone went to sleep.

Fight or Flight

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