Low Charge

I had to get up early to get the girls to school this morning. Autumn went to Dwight, and Eaddie went to the high school. Then I went home and stayed up to do a little cleaning and laundry. I also tried to research what would be involved in installing my Tesla wall connector, which didn’t seem too bad, but I really need to find an electrician.

Overall I was pretty disappointed in myself for not being more productive. I could have done more, but I just had trouble keeping focus. It’s too easy to get sidetracked until the next responsibility comes up.

Summer came back to town for work in the afternoon, so I picked up some Taco John’s for us and we ate at Superfast. Then I went back home to wait for her until it was time to go to the girls’ midwinter concert. Both of us had trouble staying awake for the first band, but the Symphonic band was much better.

After the concert, we got frustrated with the girls because they kept running around with their friends instead of seeing their family. Eaddie kept trying to come up with some other plan to avoid going with either us or her father. Autumn of course wanted to take her boyfriend out to eat with him though. We ended up leaving alone, and Summer dropped me off at home.

The Model 3 was taking forever to charge, so I investigated that for a moment and found an error that it slowed charging because it detected the outlet was getting too hot. I unplugged it for a couple minutes and then got it going again, so hopefully my house doesn’t burn down.

I finally made it up to Summer’s for the evening, followed by Autumn, and then Eaddie since she went with Maristella instead of her father. I have a bit of anxiety this week over deciding whether to try and meet the work crew at Taco John’s, and then the CPPC meeting the following day.

Fight depression.

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