Lights On, Lights Off

Autumn tried not waking me again today so she could try and get permission to drive, but I was already awake. We didn’t get any fussing though, as I dropped them off at the high school. I don’t know where my time went after that, but it seemed like I kept fairly busy. At least I didn’t burn the whole morning on my phone. I scheduled some changes to my car insurance, and took Summer to lunch at Hardee’s.

When I got back home, I decided to poke around with my electricity in the living room again. I just wanted to find the order of the outlets in the chain from the breaker. Dad came over after a while to help, but we didn’t really uncover a whole lot. We still have phantom power coming from neutral or ground somewhere, but we couldn’t figure out why. Eventually we’ll unhook the right outlet to figure things out.

Summer picked the girls up from school and took them to the park so Eaddie could ride her bike. Autumn started in a really foul mood, but appeared to lighten up after getting some junk food in her. They made it back after Dad left, and after putting the bike away, they went home and I went to my parents’ house to finish up some fish soup.

Mom fell asleep after she ate, but I chatted with Dad for a while before heading up to Summer’s for the evening. The girls were off to bed early, but Summer and I watched some Modern Family before going to sleep.

A surprising number of outlets.

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