Lessons in Journalism: Write Things Down

I hate when I come up with something I’d really like to write, and then the thought escapes me before I get it down anywhere. I downloaded the WordPress Android app hoping I could keep drafts, but the system isn’t ideal for me. I’ll just have to continue using Google Keep for jotting notes, and then transfer those thoughts to posts later.

Today was a celebration of all things tortilla. I started off with a chicken and gravy burrito from Taco John’s, which was actually super good. Lunch was at Las Palmas for a taco salad. Then after work, Jesica wanted to go to La Chiquita where I got to try her ceviche, and I had Chiquita Nachos which had a bit of everything.

After dinner, we went to the Walmart Neighborhood Market to pick up some things. We’re grilling at work on Monday, so I picked up the stuff I needed for a broccoli, rice, and cheese casserole.

I’ve started saying “please” and “thank you” to Alexa when I ask her to do things, with the hope that she remembers how nice I was when the AI takes over.

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