Tomorrow we will run faster.

Today flew by, more or less a blur. Jasmine served us lunch at Ruby Tuesday. In the afternoon, I stopped by the gym to check out the robotics racing competition. Not sure how much “robotics” there is in strapping a motor to an ERECTOR set, but I guess they at least fit some gears together. I feel cynical, but it seems like this stuff should be more challenging.

I guess at least they had some fun with it.

After work, I spent some time outside with Bác Vân to help clean things up.

I even pulled some poison ivy off of a tree with a garden hoe.

Jesica came over and brought me some bowtie pasta and cheese (because those aren’t macaroni noodles, Jesica!), and we watched The Great Gatsby. I vaguely remember reading the book in high school, but my reading comprehension was even worse back then, so I didn’t really grasp a lot of what was going on. To see the story now, I could only gaze on and compare it to my own life.

Sixteen years. Over half her life.

His mind would never romp again like the mind of God.

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