ACoT 2017: Day 1

After an early start, today was pretty awesome. We’re at the Arkansas Conference of Technology, and so far the classes seemed really great, and the vendors are always a great plus. While I could have learned as much just on my own given a whole day of focused playing around, this really helped to have a guided tour.

After the conference, we went to dinner at a Benihana in the hotel. I totally got the high score. Then we went to a bar on the Riverfront for a vendor’s shindig. It was just Ben, Ryan, and me, and I had a blast. It’s weird to see a bunch of tech people get down to music that always makes me roll my eyes. You really can’t beat 12 drinks for a $5 tip to the shuttle driver.

Today was a great full-day class, but I’m looking forward to normal classes all day tomorrow. I wonder what I’ll learn.


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