ACoT 2017: Day 2

That bed was AMAZING! I’ve never had such a comfortable bed in a hotel in my life. The mattress, the sheets, the blankets, the pillows… Everything was just exactly how I like it. I was really blown away.

I was mostly on my own for classes today. I went to a 3D printing session, and then a couple of sessions on phishing and security with a guy from Palo Alto that I had talked to at the bar the night before. The phishing session ran a bit long into the break, so after a while I got up for a few minutes and then returned with Allen for the second session. When we got there, the guy was leaving for lunch. We checked the schedule with him to confirm that he was supposed to be there, and then the three of us sat down for a really loose conversation for a few minutes before breaking for lunch.

After we ate, we started to pack up and headed back home. I ended up hanging out at the shop for a while until Ben let everyone go home. We chatted for a while, and eventually I made my way home to unpack. It was a good couple of days, but I’m exhausted, and now I miss the hotel bed.

Stupid, stupid, stupid. Let’s do something stupid instead.

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