Keystone of Justice

I slept beautifully last night after running on little sleep for the past couple days worth of conferences. It was all downhill from there.

I received a juror qualification questionnaire in the mail. This never would have happened had I not registered to vote after this past election. If I’m honest with myself, I still probably won’t even exercise that right if the time comes. I sort of assume North Korea will assimilate us before that happens. People seem to forget that Samsung is a Korean company. They think North Korea won’t stand a chance against us, when half the population carries a Samsung mobile phone with all of their personal information and an always-listening microphone. They never saw that one coming.

My Uncle Giao and Aunt Teresa came to town and wanted to visit. Their timing didn’t work out for lunch, so they wanted me to meet them at my parents’ house for dinner. I played a few rounds of Overwatch while I waited.

It was too cloudy to catch the Orionids, because why wouldn’t it be?

Maybe tomorrow will go according to plan.

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