RSD Potluck: Thanksgiving 2017

Today was a pretty chill day at work. We cleaned out the graveyard first thing in the morning, then mostly mingled around the shop until near time for our potluck lunch. Ben smoked some awesome turkey, and everyone’s sides came out really awesome. I met Allen at Kroger and picked up some deli mashed potatoes and gravy, a pan of rolls, and a couple jars of turkey gravy.

After lunch, I visited my buildings to take care of a couple things, but mostly to visit with a few people before they left for break. It’ll be work as usual for me until Thanksgiving day.

On the way home, Dad texted and said they had Lexi put down yesterday after her flesh wounds refused to heal. I was glad to hear they had the mercy to keep her from getting worse. I still have a difficult time with pets myself. I feel like I really am over it.

I settled into the evening with In Time, a movie I’d been wanting to see for quite a long time but just never made the time to watch. I liked it alright, but it sort of felt like a communistic propaganda film.

You can do a lot in a day. I just never do.

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