The Whole Famn Damily

The kids were all out today, so once Summer got done at the gym, I headed up to her place. My sister texted me shortly after I got there and invited me out to lunch with the family, so without any other plans, we decided to join them. For having everyone along, even Bác Vân, it was relatively uneventful. I ate too much, everyone got to meet everyone else, and nobody got stabbed or mortally wounded.

I was completely useless by the time we walked out of there, so Summer and I came back to my house and watched Bo Burnham’s what. on YouTube. When that was done, we watched some British panel comedies until it was time to head back to her place to receive the kids. I got to meet Nick, and we all lazed around until I needed to head home to sleep before work tomorrow.

Martin Luther King Jr. is an also-ran if only some staff gets the day off.

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