Time Check

Kids were out of school today, so we had a group day of hanging touch panels. Midway through, we received an email from our assistant superintendent basically scolding everyone for having perfect timesheets that didn’t vary by a minute or two every day. We’ll be riding that scandall for a while, I figure.

While we were at our last room, I accidentally broke an owl kitchen timer on a teacher’s desk, and I felt absolutely dreadful about it. I tried to fix it, but just ended up making it worse. I knew I’d have to find a replacement somehow. Lunch was Taco Bell with Zach and Sara, and Summer met us there. Then it was back to the shop for the rest of the day. We got to leave an hour early, and it was off to find my owl.

I found the timer on Walmart.com, so I tried their brick-and-mortar first. I couldn’t find a single timer shaped like anything other than a timer, so it was off to Kmart. Then T.J. Maxx. Then finally back to the internet. I ultimately decided to go back to the manufacturer and ordered three, since I couldn’t choose a color. Hopefully I’ll get an assortment and not like three of the same color. My idea right now is to stage a crime scene, but time will tell.

When Summer got off work, we went to Denny’s for some burgers, then came home and watched Deadpool before bed. One more day, then it’s back to normal.

“Sorry I broke your owl” -Definitely Allen

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