Pixel 2 XL 3

We didn’t have any group work today, so I visited my buildings in the morning. Mollie set me up with some leftover biscuits and gravy at Oakland, and then I got some work done at the junior high before lunch. I was going to come home to eat leftovers, but ended up going to Wendy’s with Zach and Sara.

In the afternoon, my insurance replacement Pixel 2 XL came in, and once home, I spent several hours getting the screen protector and skin installed. I wasn’t too happy with this new brand of screen protector, but the skin installation went okay. I was able to salvage the wood grain top from my old phone, but the main skin was destroyed mostly because I also had the metal magnetic mounting plate stuck over it. Overall, it went okay, and I’m happy with the new look.

Later in the evening, I went and had dinner with the girls for a little while, then came back home to a few rounds of PUBG before bed.

This is exhausting.

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