The Bar

It was all parties at the elementaries today. I went by a room to check on something and a kid ran out into the hallway saying they needed something from me. As I entered the room, the entire class yelled, “happy valentine’s day, Mister Michael” at me. It was every bit as charming and awkward as one might imagine. They invited me back in the afternoon for their trail mix party, which was a delightful mix of cereal and assorted candy. It was nice to see something that wouldn’t punch you in the mouth with a fist of sugar.

I never actually left for lunch after that. I got a sundae after the trail mix, so I guess there wasn’t much need for anything else. After work, I went to Summer’s for dinner, then came back home for someĀ PUBG before bed. I’m having a hard time getting into bed at an appropriate time, but I guess it’s not affecting me negatively yet.

Valentine’s day is just a corporate invention, but we don’t have to fall for it. We don’t have to ever enjoy anything.

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