Dinner and a Show

Summer went to work at Superfast for a few hours today, so I took her some Arby’s for lunch. They made a sudden switch to Coca-Cola products, which was kind of neat, though I miss the Tropicana fruit punch. We took a few minutes and ate on a bench outside the shop, then I headed home and struggled to stay awake the rest of the day.

We planned to meet up at my parents’ house for dinner, so I made some coffee to wake myself up and headed over there in the evening. She had all three kids with her this time, so my parents got the full experience. We had chow mein and some egg rolls, then afterward my dad performed his magic show that he’s been practicing for the Eureka convention this weekend.

After everyone loaded up and left there, I went to fill up on gas before tomorrow, then played a few blitz rounds of Fortnite with Clint and Jack. It didn’t go well, but I learned some additional mechanics that would have been super nice to learn from a tutorial mission.

Why plan ahead when improvising is so much more exciting?

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