Spring Break 2018

Today was the first day of our spring break trip. I went to pick everyone up around 10:30, and we stopped by the courthouse and Kroger on our way out of town so Summer could turn in her jury duty form and so we could pick up stuff for lunch at Iron Springs. It was a pretty good drive without too much traffic. When we got to Iron Springs, I got a fire started using some wood that was already there. We had a pretty good spread for just got dogs and chips.

After we ate, we climbed the mountain to look for quartz. There was a brief moment of motherly panic when we lost Eaddie and Noah, so Summer took off to try and catch up to them while Autumn headed back, and I circled back to a different part of the trail. While I was out in the middle of nowhere by myself, I must have found a spot of cellular service, because Jesica managed to get a call in to me. I tried texting Summer immediately after, but I never could find signal again until we got into town.

Courtyard by Marriott didn’t have any rooms available, so we ended up at Comfort Suites. The room was pretty decent, but I had constant trouble authenticating with their WiFi all night. We had dinner at Hibachi Sushi Buffet, which was surprisingly both busy and super delicious. Afterward, we ignored every mothers’ orders and went for a swim at the hotel. The water burned, but it was a fair time. Eaddie and Noah stayed while the rest of us went back to the room to get ready for bed.

Quick! There’s no way they’ll beat us back to the car!

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