The Hot Springs

It was a bit of a chore to get everyone up and down for breakfast this morning. We managed to get everything packed up and out by noon and headed downtown. We walked the whole strip, and even wandered around to find some of the natural hot springs. We didn’t do any shows or events, and instead hit most of the shops. The kids all ended up with some candy from the various candy shops, and I picked up a huge bag of jerky.

Autumn suggested Rolando’s for dinner, so we ate out on the upstairs patio in the back. It was a really neat, secluded seating area with a little bit of a view of the buildings that towered in the distance, and it kept things quiet away from the busy roadway. Ironically enough, she seemed to enjoy the food the least, but that’s how picky eaters do. Everyone else loved it.

On the trip home, Noah managed to smash Autumn’s phone case and got glitter and whatever fluid it was suspended in all over the back seat of the Murano. The glitter was a mix of some larger pieces, but mostly consisted of the finest little specks of gold. It proved futile to clean up at the gas station where I stopped, so we made it the rest of the way home and I tried blowing most of it out with compressed air. Two tanks of air in, I managed to get most of it out, but the only way to really fix it was to burn the car to ash and bury the remains. The weirdest part was that Noah claimed to have absolutely no recollection of what happened after having fallen asleep on the way home.

I did what I could, then got everyone settled in to watch Inside Out before bed. Hopefully it was a fair birthday for Summer.

Pixar 2015: What if feelings had feelings?!?

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