ERRBODY IN DA CLUB GETTIN long term hearing loss

We got up this morning and took everyone back to Summer’s house. I stayed for just a little bit after she left for the gym, but then went home to take care of some housework myself. It was really nice outside, so I took advantage and vacuumed out every inch of the car. Mom stopped by on her way home from work to visit with Bác Vân and to get a Coco Rico.

Summer’s friend Jenna asked her out to Front Street Grill for dinner and drinks in the evening, so I agreed to tag along. We had a bit of time to kill, so as soon as Summer got here we left to wash the car on the way. Once we got settled in, Summer got some pretty good pasta and I got a pretty bad fillet. The band had quite a bit of trouble integrating with the bar’s sound system and ended up wheeling in their own. We were sat front and center, so once they got to playing we had to move outside to avoid permanent damage to our hearing.

It was really nice out, but the girls got cold and we had to move back inside. We sat at a table in the back, but it was still way too loud for me. It only got worse when the band took a break and the DJ cranked his cancer mixtape to 11, so we left shortly thereafter.

I’m really not much for fun.

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