Carte Blanche

Amanda and I spent all morning wiring more laptop carts. We got all but one cart completely finished by lunch. Allen picked me up to go to KFC, and when we got back, Jason told us we didn’t need all of the carts wired. I’d like to be able to say we were at all surprised by this news. I’d really like to.

I went to Oakland in the afternoon to take care of some work orders there. Then after work, I went to Superfast to pick up Eaddie to swim at my parents’ house. It was a bit menacing outside, so we watched an episode of The Flash inside and finished up right as Summer got there after her workout. We all swam for quite a while, then headed home for the evening.

Summer and Eaddie stopped at Sonic for some dinner and we watched an episode of The Office before bed. Prime day has so far been mostly disappointing, but all the better to pay what bills I already have.

Do you pay my automo’ bills?

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