You are maddeningly inconsistent.

I got really frustrated with several things at work today. The first task I was given was something that was scheduled for Jason to do yesterday, but he didn’t do it then because presumably he and Allen spent the afternoon watching a girl at the UPS Store properly pack the leased laptops he was supposed to ship back. The man is either completely devoid of any common sense, or a complete genius. I’ve never seen someone hand off so much of his own work in my life.

After Amanda and I finished that task for him, we went to Sequoyah to pull cables and rearrange a room for a new teacher there. This was frustrating for a few reasons. Firstly, the room was already in perfect form with the SMART board in the middle of one wall and the computer desk in the middle of an adjacent wall. Secondly, the technology committee is supposed to be there to deny requests like this that aren’t backed by any real instructional need. Thirdly, I felt like Ben should have stood his ground as a part of the committee. I get that the principal there may not make requests very often, so requests should be taken seriously. It was the fact that this particular room should have been the template for the setup of every other room in the district. The new layout made no sense, and I was made to feel like I was taking crazy pills just because Amanda didn’t want to try and convince her principal otherwise.

I left for lunch with Dale and Ryan at Chick-fil-A, then came back and completed the job with Amanda. I’m sure that I probably let myself get too upset over it, and at the end of the day I’m paid to do a job, so I completed the job. It was just compounded frustrations with specific coworkers.

That’s about the time Jason told Amanda and me that we wired too many of the laptop carts the other day, and that we would have to go undo the work we had just done.

That was right after he blew up in front of me about not being able to image a computer with Ryan’s new setup, even though he’s been told specifically how to do it correctly multiple times.

Home and beer in a quiet house.

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