Sweat Child o’ Mine

I got up this morning and spent a while making a big egg and hash brown breakfast. Everything turned out pretty good, and I learned some things along the way. It’s all about the low, slow heat when it comes to the hash browns.

The girls got stuck watching The Flash literally all day long. Summer and I dug the 55-gallon aquarium out of the garage and started cleaning it up to take to her house for Autumn’s turtle, Apollo. We even managed to get her outside to help scrub the tank for a bit.

It was super hot outside, but it wouldn’t have been so bad in the shade if it weren’t for the humidity. Even my house struggled to keep up as the inside temperature reached four whole degrees warmer than the thermostat was set. I don’t know if it froze up, or if it was low on refrigerant, but it cooled off in the evening after leaving it off for a while.

After we dropped the tank off at Summer’s, we all went to my parents’ house for some hot dogs and eggplant soup for dinner. The girls got stuck there watching the finale of Harry Potter. I’m sure I probably have, but I can’t remember ever consuming that much passive entertainment all at once. They’ve just been completely gripped by this stuff today.

When the movie finished, I took the girls back home and headed home to a cool house. I’ll have to keep an eye on things tomorrow in the heat to see how it does. I didn’t feel particularly sleepy, and it was cool enough outside that I got the bug to install my Nest Hello. I finally found the correct breaker to switch off and got to work. Everything went pretty smoothly, and I’m pretty happy with the install except for the narrow passageway up to my front door. I’m pretty sure I’ll end up moving the whole installation to the gate next to the garage.

I’d rather live with the constant threat of my island blowing up than sweating to death every summer in this humidity.

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