Needy Much?

We had originally planned to hang TVs this morning, but by the time I got to work, the crew had already decided they didn’t want to do that. It was fine by me though, since none of it was for my building anyway. Instead, we all got to split up and do work orders.

I chose to work all morning at Oakland. Before I left the shop, I emailed the digital sign company about my failed sign on that campus because I hadn’t heard from them in two and a half weeks. Then just after I got there and started my first work order, I spotted a guy from a local sign company working on it. I wasn’t expecting a service call at all, so I started off a bit concerned. Ben gave me the okay to return the sign computer I had pulled to the shop. It wasn’t long before I had to take over the call to tech support to configure the sign, but after some troubleshooting, we determined we would need another new controller.

I wrapped up right at lunch time, and ended up going home to eat a leftover Subway sandwich from yesterday. When lunch was over, I stopped by the shop to pick up all of my lab laptops, then delivered them to the junior high. It took me a while to get everything swapped out, and I found out I have some missing and/or misnamed devices that I’ll have to track down. Things like that make me really wish I had just done the whole thing by myself from start to finish.

Nearing the end of the afternoon, I had to meet with my EAST coordinator, Ben, and Matt to determine how we want to handle the lab. Traditionally, EAST wants to be completely independent, but that hasn’t seemed to work anywhere. Aside from being gone on maternity leave, my coordinator doesn’t really know much about computers, which would seem important for someone over a computer lab. Then again, I guess most of the people I’ve had over labs haven’t been particularly savvy.

I left there a bit late, then ended up visiting with Gary at the shop for a while before heading home. I worked up a pretty bad headache and asked Summer to pick me up to go to my parents’ for dinner. We had to get Autumn at the junior high first, drop her off at her grandparents’ house, and then finally went to have some leftover bún bò Huế. It was just an eat-and-run evening though, because I had to get home to do some laundry for work the next day.

Just let it happen.

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