Welcome Back, Fodder

It really wasn’t too bad for the first day of school. Teachers were busy enough with students that I had some time to catch up again. I spent all morning at the junior high, probably spending too much time trying to fix Hall Pass after I swapped out a computer. It ended up being a low power issue with the USB-powered scanner, and I should have figured it out a lot sooner.

Nobody said anything about lunch, so I went to McDonald’s by myself. It was a little rainy, and I just sat by the window to eat. I managed to double up on discounts and got a Big Mac, medium fry, and large drink for $2.18. The guy delivering orders to the tables tried giving my order to someone else, but I managed to catch it before that happened.

After lunch, I spent a bit of time at Oakland before heading back to the junior high. I had a stack of Chromebooks I had to set up for the teachers, so I spent most of my time on that before knocking out a bunch more work orders. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have most all of them done.

I went straight to my parents’ house for dinner after work. I cleaned up some soup, then scavenged some vegetables for the turtles and tadpoles before heading up to visit with Summer for a bit. I helped Autumn change her turtle’s water again while trying to explain to her how siphons work. Maybe I only understood it after living a childhood with fish, but I couldn’t understand why she just didn’t get it, or why she didn’t seem to care. I wish she showed more interest in knowing how the world works.

Summer had me run her to the Dollar General for some things, and then I headed home to clean up before bed. I got a load of laundry done, and did some minor cleanup tasks. My kitchen has been out of control for too long. It’s time to recalibrate my anti-hoarding mindset.

Hi, I’m Cortana!

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