Dinner and a Shower

The girls went home this morning to clean house while I sat around the house with my head cold. Summer brought some potatoes back for me to bake for dinner, and once they were finished, I went to pick them all up and head to my parents’ house. We went for a swim until the charcoal was hot enough to start cooking, and I grilled some steaks, hot dogs, and Polish sausage. I thought that was it, so I jumped back into the pool, but then Mom brought some squash and shrimp out to grill too.

We decided to eat outside, so Mom brought everything out to set the table, and then we had to battle the flies. It would have been much easier to build our plates inside. We mostly finished without incident though, and fortunately everyone had just finished eating by the time we got a little shower of rain. It didn’t rain too long, but everyone was ready to come inside for dessert anyway.

When we got back home, we watched Tag to much delight, then went to bed.

We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.

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