Dogs are basically just really smart babies.

We slept in pretty late today, and I was worried it would keep me from falling asleep tonight, but after feeling sleepy all afternoon, I don’t think it’ll be much of a problem.

Summer went home to start some laundry and clean up the house while I got showered. Then I went to pick her up to go to Denny’s for an afternoon breakfast/lunch. We both ate way too much, but aside from receiving the completely wrong burger, the food was delicious. Our server was super weird, but cool. I highly recommend the Loaded Nacho Tots, and it’s basically a meal by itself.

Next we ran to my parents’ house to help Dad cover the pool. We didn’t stick around too long though, partly because I started getting really sleepy, but mostly because Summer needed to go to Walmart to pick up a baby shower gift for Isabelle. I told her I wanted to get something cow related that would last and not just get thrown away after a year or two, and suggested it should be a dog toy for its durability and cleanability. She glared at me with judging eyes, but she would soon see the way. She picked out a few limited-use things, and then we headed to Tractor Supply Company for the good stuff.

As soon as we walked in, she spotted a plush cow that she said looked perfect. It had multiple squeakers and was filled with noisy, crinkly filling in its extremities – all things a baby would love. That’s when she noticed the tough rope lining the edges. She had picked out a dog tug toy. Adorable and durable, and perfect in every way. Nevermind the K9 TUFF-GUARD badge sewn into it. The kid’s gonna love it, and I will maintain my reputation for being terrible with children.

A quick stop at Dollar General later, and we were back at her house to receive the girls. Once they got home, I headed home to start some laundry myself. I started digging around for supplies to better care for my ailing betta, but the water will need some time to stabilize anyway. I’m not sure how much good it will do, but I guess I should keep trying.

Shit, I really am the new phone guy. And sign guy. And SCCM package guy. Let’s kick this on-the-job learning into overdrive.

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