Powerpuff Curls

I stopped by Oakland for just a little bit this morning, but most of the teachers I was there to see were out for the day. It was just as well though, because work orders started pouring in from the junior high. I guess there was some kind of power issue there over the last few days, because I had several SMART boards that wouldn’t power on at all and just needed to be power flushed. I ran around the building doing that over and over again after spending half an hour on my first one thinking it was a component problem.

I took a late lunch, and after some difficulty deciding where to go, I ended up at Wendy’s for a salad. They were packed, and the service was pretty slow because they only had one register open. It seems to be a trend for them lately. The salad was really good, even though I was craving fried chicken or burritos. I tried to make a healthy choice.

I spent the afternoon picking up loose ends from old work orders, and I’m getting to the point where I really need to focus my energy on learning how to pick up the slack that Ryan left behind. It’s been tough motivating myself lately though.

After work, I went home to start some laundry before heading to Summer’s for the evening. She picked up some Little Caesar’s after I suggested it, ending my short run at lighter meals.

I’m sure I’ll be much more productive tomorrow when it’ll be cooler, cloudy, and a little rainy.

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