Ben started off the morning addressing relatively singular issues as though they were widespread, and then we split up to do work orders all day. I went to Oakland first and shuffled some batteries around since that place was a ghost town. Then I went straight to the junior high until lunch. Summer had a break then as well, so we went to Taco Bell where I ran into my old classmate Noreen. I kind of expected her to take off and really make something of herself, so that was a bit of a surprise.

I spent the rest of the afternoon on into a late evening working on various things at the junior high. Conferences started at 1:00 and ran until 7, so I stuck around wandering between work orders and chatting with people that were there. I don’t find a lot of people that are social employees the way that I am. Most people are just in and out, but I kind of enjoy sticking around after hours sometimes. Plus I got to chow on some La Huerta that they set up for the teachers, so dinner was done, and dessert was amazing.

After work, I had to run to Walgreens to pick up a FedEx package that was dropped there for me. I tried answering the doorbell while I was at work, but for some reason it cut out just as I was asking if he could bring it to our office for a signature. The notification that he dropped it off at Walgreens was a complete surprise, but I’m glad he did because I wasn’t expecting it until tomorrow, nor for it to require a signature.

Back home, I washed some socks and crashed early from my long day.

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