A Fault and Battery

It was frosty this morning, so I had to let the car warm up before I could get home. Somehow after all of that I managed to make it to work a bit early, but it didn’t take too long before my jacket got too hot. We all went to the middle school to hang and shuffle some TVs and touch panels around. I didn’t know until later, but Allen showed me that the first one we did ended up getting damaged somehow on the side, so I’m absolutely sure it’s just going to end up being a junked TV at some point. I’m hoping I can swipe it for my office, but I guess we’ll see.

Dale, Allen, and I went to KFC for lunch, as Autumn and Summer texted me from the Wendy’s drive-through. Then Jason’s plan for after lunch was for all of us to go to our buildings to scope out what battery components we needed in order to complete the upgrade. The problem here is that not a single one of those guys had any idea what they were even looking for. After milling around for a while, I ended up pulling all of the remaining batteries out of the graveyard and taking Allen and Amanda to the high school to meet Dale so we could scope out his closets. He ended up only needing one of the three spare battery expansions I found, and we switched over four of his closets before heading to Oakland.

They were in the middle of parent-teacher conferences, so all we could do was drop off three pairs of batteries before heading back to the shop. I asked Allen to go to his building now that we knew what we were looking for, and he kept arguing that he wanted to see what Jason had for us to do. I ended up driving the three of us over to the middle school to do it, and he ran around looking at his other closets while Amanda sat on the couch and I went to the truck to get the last two battery expansions for the controllers he and Jason had already brought to his office.

We ended up getting out right at quitting time, but then I had to put the truck away. I went downstairs to chat with Ben for a minute on the way out, and he asked how I’d feel about having my campuses shuffled. I don’t want to leave either of them, but it’s looking like there are other issues in play, and all I can do is hope that he’s not just moving a problem from one place to another rather than addressing it properly with disciplinary action.

Summer came over in the evening and we picked up some Tropical Smoothie for her dinner, then came back home and watched an incredible IMAX 3D documentary about the Hubble telescope, appropriately named Hubble. It was probably the best quality 3D I have ever seen because everything was super crisp and clear, and not blurred with fast-motion, high-action sequences.

You see, this is why I never really get stressed out. We are so very insignificant, and nothing that we do could possibly ever matter in the grand scheme of things.
But yeah, sure. I’ll get right on those TPS Reports.

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