Netflix and Bill

I got up before the girls this morning and made a little breakfast for them. A heart-shaped egg, hash browns, and bun toast. I forgot I had ham in the freezer that I could have included too. Then we sat around watching Arrow and eating popcorn all day.

Summer had to pick Autumn up eventually, so she took Eaddie and went home while I cleaned up a tiny bit and finished earning my rank in solo Rocket League. Around the time I started getting bored, Summer said she had dinner almost ready, so I headed up to her place for the evening.

Her sriracha chicken turned out really good, and then we let the girls watch an episode of Criminal Minds before they went to bed. Summer and I were watching The Office when Julie called complaining about getting kicked off of Netflix. Dad had been watching too, and the plan we were on had been reduced to only two screens, so she got Dad’s approval and I upgraded the plan to the next step up for four screens with UHD content.

Better start watching more…

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