New Ryan

Brice finally started today, though I’m still fuzzy on how he started so long after his contract start date. More importantly, I finally found out what my building assignments would be, and it looks like it’s just more of the same. I think they’re expecting Brice to pick up mostly where Ryan left off, and I hope it does work out, but I knew I’d have mixed feelings about it no matter what. Ben said he dreaded the thought of having to have a conversation with Sheri about taking me away from her building, so I guess their constant bragging on me isn’t lost.

Zach, Jason, and I hung a broken(?) touch panel in the coaches’ office, mostly to get it out of the warehouse since nobody else wanted it. Then we hung a new one for Allen before lunch. Everyone but Allen and Heather came to Brangus, but it wasn’t much ado about anything. Afterward it was just back to work orders for me.

After work, I came home and played a few rounds of solo Rocket League until Summer got there. I spent some time cleaning up a CamelBak for her race tomorrow, and then we went to La Huerta to split some fajitas for dinner. I stopped to air up my cold tires on the way home, and then she read her book while I played some doubles with Josh until bedtime.

Dude, you’re making it look like they actually pay us fairly around here!

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