Tip Squad

Summer got up a little early today to pick up Autumn. They brought breakfast back, and the girls all watched Criminal Minds while I started cleaning up the kitchen. Eventually they had to go home to get ready to visit with their father, and I continued cleaning and started some laundry.

When Summer finally came back in the evening, I ordered dinner from the food truck Spices via Bite Squad using a discount code I had. The service was pretty polished, and the fees showed it. Each restaurant had a fee that seemed to be based on how far away it was, but then they also suggested a percentage-based tip of 18% of your order total. I remember being happy about $2 tips back when I delivered pizza for a living, so the $6 tip they suggested during my ordering process really rubbed me wrong after being charged a $2.99 “booking fee.” Comments online seem to indicate that drivers only actually get 50% of the tip if you put it on your card too, which is downright evil. It was cool being able to track the whole process though, and I guess under $10 to have food delivered from a non-delivery restaurant isn’t grossly unfair to the customer.

The delivery guy passed my house and tried to deliver our food two doors away, but I yelled down the street to get his attention, then gave him a $5 cash tip since I opted out of the default 18% on my card. Overall the Bite Squad experience was good, but had a poor value, so I couldn’t recommend it without a promotional discount, or being too drunk to get out and buy your own food. Summer really enjoyed her noodles from Spices though. My rice and skewered meat dish wasn’t very good and seemed way overpriced for the amount of meat it had, but it did the job.

After we ate, we ran to her house to pick up my car and some things for her, then stopped to rummage through Kmart on the way back to my house for the night. I picked up a corkscrew for future conference shenanigans.

They’re off to find the hero of the day!

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