Thanksgiving Pregame

Summer went to work at the shop today. I got up a little early to get ready for lunch with Jesica. She said there aren’t any good Chinese buffets in Fort Smith and was craving Mulan’s. I saw Ronda’s car there, but couldn’t find her in the restaurant, and then she passed by us on her way out and stopped by to say hello.

After we ate, we ran by Tropical Smoothie to get lunch for Summer, and then we decided to walk off a little of our food at PetSmart. She didn’t get any treats for her new dog Harris, but I spotted an aquarium plant that was just cheap enough to try out, and the guy even let me keep the hitchhiking snail for free since he didn’t belong in the tank. From there we went back to my house to drop the plant off, but were too lazy and fat from lunch to get out again. We watched a weird vegan YouTube cooking video, and then I drooled over a couple aquascape build videos.

We headed to Walmart to pick up some dinner materials a little before Summer got out of work, where I ran into Bradley and chatted for just a minute. When I found out the girls wouldn’t be home until late, we skipped that stuff and I just picked up a couple things I needed and we made it the rest of the way to Summer’s for the evening. I surfed Netflix for a while before landing on Red vs. Blue, which always seems to surprise the otherwise uninterested with laughs. The girls got home just before we finished the first volume, so we wrapped that up before Jesica left.

Summer was the only one around with any real hunger, and she needed to carb up for her 5K turkey run in the morning, so I called in an order to La Villa and brought her some chicken parmesan. I burned a bánh bao that Bác Vân had given me earlier while I was at home because it seemed to be raw in spots. Summer got a migraine and went to bed early. Autumn landed in her bedroom on her laptop for the rest of the evening, and Eaddie binged some more Arrow until I made her go to bed. I got lost on the internet for a while, then found myself tangled up in the can of worms that is Please, don’t touch anything!

If you put him on an F150, he would be Harris on Ford!

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