Dad’s new cat is weird.

Summer had her 5K this morning while the rest of us slept in. I got up earlier than I thought I would, considering how late I was up. I ate most of the questionably cooked bánh bao for breakfast before anyone else was around, and then started soaking the potatoes before washing them.

I ended up fiddling around in Oxygen Not Included for a while until I had to get cleaned up to go to my parents’ house for an early Thanksgiving dinner. Eaddie started feeling sick and was down on the couch for a while, and then threw up on the way there. Luckily she had me pull over just in time to throw the door open and spew in the middle of the street. We ran through McDonald’s to get her a Sprite, then made it to my parents’ house where she started to feel a little better for a while before coming down with a fever again.

The rest of us ate a pretty awesome meal while Eaddie got some rest in my old bedroom. Then we played some Jackbox games for a while. We had a few really great laughs with some of them, but overall I’d only recommend picking any of them up on a sale. Eaddie eventually felt well enough to have some dinner, then joined us for a few more games before we left.

I had to run by my house on the way back to Summer’s to pick up a few things, and then we settled in for the night. Eaddie’s fever came back, so she went straight to bed. Autumn wanted to stay up late and watch Supernatural, and I got Summer started on Torchlight II again. I got stuck catching up on deals, but we’ll be able to play together again soon.

It’s okay to admit you’re grouchy as long as you’re actively trying not to be a complete asshole.

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