What are the Chances

Janie freaked out this morning when all of her desktop icons weren’t available on the new computer I set up for her yesterday, so I spent the first couple hours of my day setting it back up for her. It actually went pretty well though, and I think overall it helped improve our working relationship anyway, which is something that hasn’t come as easily for me at the junior high.

I got onto a little bit of a roll and didn’t take lunch until about an hour late, and then just grabbed some super cheap Wendy’s to take back to my office. Kevin came in for some help recovering files from an old laptop while I ate. Then I hit a brick wall after lunch and just wanted to sleep.

Somehow I survived the afternoon, and dropped the girls off at karate on the way home. As I checked my mail, I happened to pick up a FedEx door tag up out of my front lawn by the street, and though it was completely blank and didn’t look like it was for me, something still drove me to look up the number. Sure enough, it was for me. I wish I could get those guys to ring my damn doorbell. It doesn’t do me any good to have a video doorbell if they never even get that close to the house before they turn and run.

I warmed up some leftovers and had a pretty crummy dinner, then headed to Summer’s for the evening. A call in to FedEx proved useless, so I’ll have to figure out a way to get the door tag to stick on my garage or something in the morning.

Why do I feel weird about accepting a free cheese dip after all that?

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