Would you mind holding for two to three hours while my system updates?

I spent my entire morning trying to create Chromebook recovery drives for five out-of-date devices at Oakland. I didn’t crack it until right before lunch, so I got one device done and two more started.

Allen and I went to KFC for lunch, where we ran into an old coworker of his that we invited to eat with us. Right at the end of lunch I remembered the esports presentation that I wanted to attend with some EAST kids, so I dropped Allen off and headed straight to the junior high to meet up with Summer.

I was lead to believe that at least one of them would be an excellent public speaker, but they were all so nervous they sounded like they wanted to throw up. I remembered being exactly that way in school though, since I didn’t really learn how to communicate with organic humans until my mid-20s. It was probably more disappointing that they didn’t seem to take any of Summer’s advice at all about their presentation. She and I kind of took over for a little bit of it, and I think it really helped to build the picture for Matt. Hopefully this goes well when he brings it up with the athletics director.

After that, I ran around and finished a few things I had at the junior high, and then stayed late to finish up the last two Chromebooks at Oakland before heading home. I didn’t really have anything else going on for the evening since the girls had a late night.

At least I didn’t spend any more money.

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