Kids Are Just Bums You Can’t Berate

Somehow I managed to beat the kids out of bed today. Summer was working at the shop, so I was in charge of keeping them alive again. I figured letting them sleep was probably my best chance. When they finally did wake up, I warmed up some leftover brats for them. It was surprisingly fuss-less all day, but they were completely enthralled by Criminal Minds.

Summer called after a little while and had me take her some eggrolls I had just warmed. Neither of the girls cared enough to leave the house, so I just dropped off the food and returned right back home. I didn’t try very hard to get them to do anything, so I just kind of milled around cleaning up my own things while they binged their show. I tried making some stock from an old leftover chicken carcass, but added too much water and was left with the LaCroix equivalent of chicken soup. Eventually I got a shower so I could take them home to do the same, but was told they wanted to spend the night with a friend, so Summer came to get them instead.

After only a little attitude, we agreed to go to my parents’ house for dinner as we had previously arranged, and then Summer took the girls home to clean up. I followed behind to take them to their friend after they finished cleaning up, and then Summer met me back at my house after her workout. I got a little Into the Breach in before we watched a couple episodes of The Office. I cooked down my soup too, but I think this time I boiled off too much of the water and was left with a muddy looking broth. It tasted alright, but still seemed not worth the effort. I’ll have to try that again, only better somehow.

It’s a great play about crushed dreams.

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