I got up pretty early considering how late I went to sleep. I finished up the apple pie moonshine and bottled it up, and Summer left to pick up the girls to go home. Then I spent the whole day doing laundry, dishes, and cleaning up the aquariums. I did a pretty big water change in the 55 gallon tank, and afterward I had microscopic worms floating around everywhere. I kicked them up out of the gravel and then they either floated around or started crawling straight up the side of the glass. It was pretty gross, but I don’t know whether they’d hurt any fish I put in there, otherwise I’d try to do that just to have some predators to thin them out.

Eventually I got showered in time for dinner and picked the girls up to go to my parents’ house. They ended up chatting with Dad for a while about band stuff, but then we had to head back home. I borrowed a magnifying glass to try and identify the two types of worms I’ve seen, and even a couple film canisters and pipettes to try and collect some specimens.

When we got back to Summer’s, the girls all went to cleaning house and I met up with Clint to play a littleĀ Overwatch since he had a rare moment to spend online. Overall the matches were pretty disappointing, but I felt like we did pretty well, and it was lots of fun to play again. I think I’ll have to come up with a better solution than Bluetooth earbuds for the laptop though.

Night Owl status.

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