Chattin Among Folk

I slept really well last night, but I still woke up pretty tired. At least I managed to work my way out of it without too much trouble. The day started with a surprise 10 Chromebooks for Oakland. Once I got those going, I ended up chatting with Ben for a quite a while before delivering them. Then it was a quick lunch with several of the guys at Taco John’s.

After lunch I talked to Ben some more to confirm my Oakland printers weren’t printing pages in reverse order. Then I headed to the junior high to finish the day. I met up with Gary over there while he was making some changes to our switch configurations. I got a few work orders done and increased my skill in locksmithing by +5. Right at the end of the shift, Gary helped me run through the computer labs to check for missing mice. We counted a total of 10 missing, so I fired off a pretty lengthy email to Matt just as I left.

After work, I headed to Summer’s to finish up some leftovers with her since she wasn’t feeling well. Before I even got there, Matt had responded that he knew where the mice were, but evidently it didn’t occur to him to let his lab manager know, which was more than a little annoying. Several episodes of Parks and Rec helped to calm me down though.

Once the girls got home from karate and dinner with their father, I headed home for bed. Testing is back again tomorrow, so I’ll really get to sink some time into anything.

I wish Google would get their messaging shit together.

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