Whee Sports!

I thought it might be warm enough to ride today, but it was still around 30 when I left for work, so that was right out. I mostly worked around the shop all morning, and spent a little time looking over my esports stuff so I could meet up with the EAST kids in the afternoon.

Allen suggested KFC for lunch, and I was excited to check out the renovation. It was really nice, but I was a little surprised at a few of the choices. I hated the absence of a tray rail on the buffet, and had to balance my tray on the edge of the bar instead. The food was the same mix of stuff, and everything was nice and fresh. I’m seldom disappointed there lately.

Once I got to the junior high, I set up in Lab 201 and waited for the kids to arrive. I got them signed up with PlayVS, and we looked at some of the resources there. I didn’t see the required firewall settings at first, so I wasn’t able to install League of Legends today, but I finally found them later in the evening.

Summer had to go to an eye appointment and took Eaddie with her, so I took Autumn home to pick up some deliveries. Evidently I ordered a 24oz CO2 bottle instead of the 20oz I thought I ordered. Fortunately it fit my SodaStream perfectly, and seems to be holding pressure fine. Only time will tell. From there, we went to my parents’ house to trade some razer cleaner for rice and toilet paper. Summer skipped the gym so she could get dinner started, so we headed that way without too much delay.

She made a really great, if not confusing mix of ginger chicken and asparagus with fettuccini. It was really good, but Autumn wasn’t a fan. I was a bit surprised we didn’t force her to finish her bowl, but I’m at a loss. After we ate, Summer got a workout on her stair stepper while we watched a couple episodes of Parks and Recreation. I had to head home to start some laundry, so I didn’t stay too long. Then it was off to bed.

“Matt, I wanna see you play more aggressive!”

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