Harmony with Discord

I was excited to wake up without a headache this morning, but I got a little bit of a slow start anyway. I made up for it though, and got to work with plenty of time to spare. I ran pretty much all day, mostly catching up on neglected work orders. Esports has really taken a lot of my focus, but it’s been fun because I’m getting to test my working knowledge of so many working parts just on the technology side alone. Every time I turn around, I find something new that I have to take into consideration, and probably another thing I have to make work in some system.

Today, it was mostly a day of Discord. I’ve gotten the responses. Forty seven students registered for the club. Twenty one of those joined our Discord server. I mostly dismissed Discord when it came out nearly four years ago. The audio quality was rubbish, and still mostly is in comparison to other services like TeamSpeak or Mumble. It’s the rest of the organizational features that make the service truly shine though. I’ve spent probably over eight hours working on this server, and am only just really getting into the meat of what it can do. I’m excited to make it look truly professional, even if it is mostly used by a bunch of new teenagers.

More bots! More bots! More bots! Come on, more bots! K, stop bots!

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