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I was so tired this morning after such a busy weekend. I lost my last cherry red shrimp last night, and after fishing it out of the bowl, I dug around and found the other one dead as well. The body nearly melted as I tried to remove it, which meant it must have been dead for a bit longer. I couldn’t remember if I had seen them both alive after the trip or not, but I was sad that they both died without any signs of a reason why. Water parameters seemed okay. Maybe it was the fluctuation of the water temperature.

The work order system email handler failed at some point, so I didn’t think I had much going on in the morning and spent it at the shop. Heather got my room booked for the conference in June, and unfortunately I couldn’t get one at the Embassy Suites like I wanted. Staybridge has been great in the past though, so I couldn’t complain too much. I just wanted to try somewhere new. Allen, Zach, Sara, Gary, Ben, and I went to Zaxby’s for lunch, which was exciting and rare. We never did hear from Dale, so I ended up putting his Rap Snacks in his cabinet at the shop.

After lunch, I ran home to fetch my delayed aquarium plants out of the mailbox. They looked to be in pretty good condition, so I went ahead and planted a few of them before heading back to work. I went to the junior high and milled around doing a few things before Gary restarted the Web Help Desk server. Then I found myself with no shortage of tasks to complete. I managed to get most of them done, but ended up staying late fighting with the esports lab. I got the LoL clients updated, but had some trouble getting ADUC loaded on the instructor’s computer. I guess I’ll just have to keep using remote desktop to handle that step.

When I finally got home, I made some barbecue pork nachos for dinner, and then got to work planting the rest of the new plants. I think I’ll move Murderface Betta to the shrimp bowl since all my shrimp died. That will give me a little more room. The dumbo and spotted one look to be getting along fine together, so that will just leave the blue one left to home since he didn’t get along with the other two in the kitchen. I had just enough time for one game of Overwatch with Johnny before bedtime, and then it was an early lights out.

Me, a mentor? Is that like the big half-man, half-bull thing? Can those even gallop?

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