It’s Pizza Time!

I woke up with a fair headache this morning, but still tried to get out of bed early enough to have a useful day. Summer took Autumn out shopping, and eventually Eaddie and I left to go back to my house. I spent a while trying to fix the back seat recliner loop that came off last night. I’m really just lucky we didn’t lose the whole loop somewhere. It took me a while, but I was eventually able to use a length of wire to pull it back up into place.

With that done, we ran to Walmart to exchange my aquarium LED light bulb under warranty. It was a relatively quick in and out, and then we went back home where she watched Supergirl while I showered. Once we were ready, we ran by Harbor Freight to get a power splitter and magnetic tool mount for my aquariums, and then made it back to her house.

Autumn had suggested we make homemade pizzas for dinner, so Summer was prepping a bunch of fresh ingredients she picked up. Eaddie and I went outside to dig up some dirt to plant a pineapple top until the pizzas were ready to make. The girls built their own simple ones, and then I made one for Summer and myself with every topping we had.

The pizzas turned out really great, the girls seemed to enjoy getting to make them, and even my over-topped pizzas stayed together really well. I guess after all these years I’ve still got it. When we finished eating, I played a game of Mario Party with Autumn before we all sat down to watch Parks and Rec before bed.


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