It’s felt unseasonably warm this week, which gave me some extra time on the bike. Unfortunately it’s all been spent at work. I started out at the junior high making sure esports were updated and set up appropriately after doing some re-imaging. Then I discovered that my Chromebook from Oakland would update automatically from the junior high’s network. That lead me back to Oakland to test some devices, which ultimately lead to Gary finding we were breaking updates with SSL inspection. Evidently we weren’t inspecting traffic at the junior high for some reason. At least it was a relatively easy fix, and we discovered it only halfway through manually updating all of my carts.

Gary and Zach went to lunch at Taco John’s with me, and then I spent the rest of the afternoon taking care of a few more things at Oakland before going to the junior high for esports. Matt emailed me again about the hours I’m putting and expect to put into them, so I stopped by his office to chat about it. I’m really just trying to get as large of a stipend as I can, since I know it’ll be hell trying to get it increased after the fact.

The kids were super rowdy this afternoon, and I couldn’t ever really figure out why. I had everything from kids screaming, to one kid singing uncontrollably about communism. It really had me reconsidering things for a moment. At least they all left pretty quickly after practice was over, and I could be on my way.

I tried cleaning up the cat box when I got home, but something was wrong with the control unit and it refused to do anything at all. I fought it for a bit, but couldn’t find any help at all online. I’ll probably have to just crack it open to try and find anything wrong with the controller, because the bottom half seems mechanically sound.

As soon as the girls got out of karate, I went to pick them up and headed to their house for dinner. Summer went straight home to get things ready, and we made some really delicious ham sammies. I took the “everything” French bread I picked up over the weekend and sliced it in half the long way before covering it with mayo and broiling it until just browned. Then I covered that with shredded cheese and broiled it again. Summer fried up some fancy ham and had veggies sliced up and ready to go. The avocado was annoying, and I probably should have skipped it for my own lack of appreciation. Mine was too messy to photograph, and a picture really wouldn’t have done it justice anyway. We’ve enjoyed making dinner this way.

I headed straight home after dinner to finish cleaning and reassembling the cat box. I also started a load of laundry and paid a couple bills. Still playing catch-up though. I’ve got to make this time up somewhere.

If I had a little money…

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