Autumn in April

It felt quite a bit cooler today with clouds and wind pretty much all day long. It really felt like fall again, which was pretty nice after having a couple hotter days. I just can’t wait for the summer heat to roll in and make everything miserable. I didn’t really have anything going on at work, so I spent pretty much all day cleaning up. I met Zach, Gary, and Ben at Morellos for lunch, and then continued on with the same all afternoon.

After work, I came home and messed around with the fish, then put one of my electric lawn mowers together. It took me a lot longer than it really needed to because I read all of the instructions and maintenance guides. I’d like to keep it really clean, but we’ll see how long that lasts. I put the battery on the charger for tomorrow after work since it’ll be cooler.

Can I retire yet?

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