Computer Hardware 101

It’s been rainy, or at least threatening rain for days, so when today looked to be only cloudy, I jumped at the chance to ride the bike to work. I spent most of the morning at Oakland setting up a new phone extension and configuring a switch for it. Shavon emailed me along with a couple others to invite us for lunch, so Allen, Jason, and I all drove there separately. I wanted to go to the junior high in the afternoon, and I guess Allen wasn’t going back to the shop either.

I stayed at the junior high almost until school let out, slowly making my way around some work while trying to keep my blood pressure low. Then I went back to preschool for a work order on the way over to the high school to meet up with Dale. We scanned in another cubby worth of laptops and did a very little bit of exploring before quitting time.

Back home, I felt flush all evening. I couldn’t tell if it was an actual problem, or if I was just paranoid, but I wasn’t going to stress over it. Summer had to go to the shop for a meeting to be introduced formally as the new manager, and then to Autumn’s band concert. I spent some time cleaning up my computer, and then even more time just trying to relax in bed.

One of my esports founders expressed boredom, so I suggested he troubleshoot his desktop that doesn’t currently work. For a kid in EAST that I would assume has some interest in computers, he really seemed to be afraid to try anything at all. Maybe I’m looking back through rose-tinted glasses, but I feel like I never hesitated to tear into stuff. I remember getting a VooDoo graphics card from Jared and installing that in my computer to improve seemingly everything. I wonder what happened to things like that. In the end, we narrowed it down to a likely bad hard drive, but I can get him a crappy spare from scrap. It should be easy to get him back in business.

Remember that time you thought you couldn’t do that thing, but then you turned around and did it anyway?

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