A Day Off

Summer and Autumn headed out before lunch and left me to myself for the day. I couldn’t sleep in as long as I wanted, but it was probably for the best anyway, if only so that my sleep schedule doesn’t get flipped completely upside down.

I didn’t really accomplish anything besides a shower. I did spend some time with the fish, and even got some mosquito larvae for them all. I spent a little time on Overwatch, and some on YouTube, and just picked at some food all day around the house.

The girls headed home after Autumn’s belt test at karate, and Mom offered some stir-fried vegetables at the same time, so I went there to eat. I forgot some of my meds at home though, so I just went back for the evening instead of going up to Summer’s. We’ll have all day tomorrow though, when we go to Conway for Aladdin.

I ended the day replacing the duvet cover on my weighted blanket, though I’m not sure it will make much difference in how much heat it holds. Maybe at the very least, it will hold fewer brown recluses.


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