HSTI Fatigue

I slept in for as long as I could today, and I was still exhausted all day. I spent a while at Summer’s just checking email and catching up on the computer. I cleaned up some salad for lunch before heading home to clean up there.

On the way to my parents’ house, I stopped by Walgreens for a refill on my blood pressure meds. Then I sat and chatted with Dad for a while about the air conditioning quotes he got.

I still didn’t make a final decision though, and headed back to Summer’s for the evening once she got home from work and the gym. We warmed up the last steak to cut up over salads, and then watched a little¬†Battlestar Galactica before bed. She passed out a little early, so I played the last half of¬†Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles before passing out myself.

That ending was actually pretty gruesome…

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