Ho, Ho, Ho, It’s Magic, You Know!

Summer went to a 5K in Pottsville this morning while I slept in. I eventually got up and showered before she got back, and then we headed to Clarksville to get the girls from their trip to visit family in Texas. We met them at the McDonald’s, talked for just a little bit, and then headed back home. We stopped by my house to get some things before going to CiCi’s for lunch.

After lunch, the girls got their swim suits and we went to Travis’s to visit. The pool was a little cold, but the girls splashed around a bit while the three of us sat around the goldfish pond. When we went back inside, I got to try his Vive for a bit. It was pretty awesome, but expectedly warm in the headset. Eaddie tried it for a bit too, but I was afraid to leave her alone in the room. I’d love to get one once I have a new computer.

Next the four of us played a game of Magic: The Gathering where we taught the girls. Summer had to take off to take care of some drama at work for a while, so Eaddie and I played some Mario Kart on the Switch. When Summer got back, three of us played another game of Magic while Eaddie played on Autumn’s phone. Then we headed back home.

I fried some chicken strips and fries, and even some raw potatoes so the girls could have some dinner, then we bummed around on YouTube until bed.


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