But It’s Hot

We got up this morning and Summer took the girls out to run Father’s Day errands. I cleaned up some leftovers before heading back to my house to take care of things there. I got two loads of laundry done, messed with the fish, took a shower, and parsed through my air conditioner quotes.

Dad wanted Western Sizzlin’ for dinner, so we all met back up there to eat. Autumn ate lunch meat and Eaddie tried to eat a huge plate full of desserts. It really made me want to put them on an original Soylent diet as punishment. After we ate, Summer took Autumn to stay with her parents while I went home and went over the air conditioner quotes with Dad. Then Mom came in and escalated things the way that she does.

Back at Summer’s, the three of us settled in for a couple episodes of Parks and Rec before bed.

Steps are for climbing.

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